Dog Grooming Basics: Which Style Is Appropriate?

Pet Grooming Happy Dog

Dog grooming has a long history and has been around since the 17th century. Many benefits come from having your dog groomed and looking fresh.”

It is essential to know the style of haircut you want for your pet. Some breeds will need to be styled and groomed in a particular way. Individuals have also looked at these services like a spa for their pets. They believe that when they bring their pet to the groomer, it invokes happiness. This article will help you understand the styles for certain breeds.

Understanding Dog Grooming Style

There is often a lot of confusion on the different grooming styles for each breed. Therefore, it is essential to know which kind is appropriate and safe for your breed of dog. Here is a list of the most basic styles for your pet:

Kennel Cut is a traditional shave, with about a half-inch of hair remaining on their body. Kennel cuts are popular because they are affordable, easy to maintain, and can look quite fashionable.

Teddy Bear Trim: Our most popular request, this style, transforms your dog into a cute teddy bear cub. Usually, the hair is left 1/2 inch or longer, and the dog is clipped first, then scissored for a perfect finish. Teddy bears are a lot of work to keep clean, but they keep your dog looking like a puppy.

Breed Trims: Each breed has its own set of requirements for its specialty trim. These are frequently modified show dog haircuts for ordinary pet owners.

Full Coat / Show Trims: Each officially recognized breed has a unique trim that adheres to strict show dog guidelines. These are the hardest to maintain and are typically reserved for show dogs, former show dogs, or owners who want their breed to be instantly identifiable.

Exotic: This is where groomers get imaginative and creative.

Choosing a Professional

Your ideal pet groomer should spend time getting to know you and making you feel at ease. Experienced professionals maintain their composure in the face of adversity. At the salon, your pet should not be stressed or anxious. As a pet owner, you should expect to be open and honest about any behavioural concerns your pet may have. Inform the pet groomers if your pet is easily agitated or challenging to groom. You can find out if they have any experience with pets with similar temperaments by chatting about it.

Before deciding on a dog grooming salon, pay a visit. Observe how the pets are treated if at all feasible. You can tell if they’re joyful or if they’re uncomfortable by looking at them. While grooming pets, restraint should be used humanely. Finally, they should have ample room to wander about while still having barriers in place to prevent animals from exiting the salon.