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How To: Exercise My Dog In The Winter

Pet Grooming Dog Haircut

Winter weather can be unpleasant, not just for you but also for your dog. But, even when it’s freezing outside, your dog has to get some activity. So please keep reading to find out how you can exercise your dog while keeping him safe from the snow and cold.

How Can I Keep My Dog Safe In The Cold?

We recommend that you protect your dog outside during the winter by:

  • Bundling Up: While not all dogs will tolerate a sweater and boots, if yours will, it’s a terrific method to keep him warm while confronting the elements.
  • Paw Protection: Do you have a dog who refuses to wear booties? When you return inside after taking your dog outside, remember to wash their paws with warm water to eliminate any salt or ice-melting chemicals.
  • Temperature Tolerance: Varied canines have different tolerances for different temperatures. The dogs with the most difficulty outside are usually very young or very old, have short or thin coats, and are smaller breeds.

Keeping a close check outside is the easiest way to assess if your dog can endure the cold. Stop and go inside if they start to whine, shiver, slow down, seek warmth, or hold up one paw at a time.

In the Winter, How Can I Exercise My Dog?

We propose any of the following activities to keep your dog active during the winter:

  • Walking: You can exercise your dog in the winter; keep your walks shorter and keep an eye out for any signs of discomfort.
  • Play a game of tug-of-war: This winter, you don’t have to take your dog outside to keep him active. Instead, obtain a rope and start a tug-of-war game. Your pet will enjoy competing to see who is the most powerful.
  • Use a Treadmill: Do you have a treadmill at home collecting dust? Don’t let anything go to waste when your dog can make good use of it! Just make sure your dog is on a treadmill at a suitable speed and supervised any treadmill time.
  • Make a Play Date: Does your dog have a best friend? If that’s the case, why not plan a date with your dog’s best friend. These play dates will let your dog run about and have a good time while also allowing you to catch up with one of your favourite pet parents.
  • Dog Day Care: You don’t want your dog to be pent up all winter! He doesn’t have to be, thankfully. He can get some exercise while making new canine pals at doggie daycare. Plus, once he arrives, our dog-loving team will treat him rotten.

How Can I Schedule a Pet Grooming Appointment?

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