How to Make Pet Grooming Fun

How to Make Pet Grooming Fun

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Grooming is essential to keep your pet looking its best and aid in bonding between you and your pet. But wait, you say, my pet despises grooming! How are we supposed to bond if they are giving you an evil eye? If your dog dislikes visiting the groomer, we have some suggestions for making it more enjoyable for them. This article will teach you five ways you can make pet grooming fun!

Keep It Short

No, we’re not referring to your pet’s coat; we’re referring to the grooming procedure! Rather than letting pet hair go unattended for long periods, groom your pet frequently so that grooming sessions are only 5 to 10 minutes long. Shorter sessions will ensure your pet stays chill and relaxed. In addition, you will find that longer stays at the groomer after a few short sessions become a fun experience.

Give As Many Compliments As You Can

Positive reinforcement does affect pets. So keep heaping on the praise and letting your dog or cat know how great they’re doing throughout the grooming session. At our pet grooming Toronto location, we take the extra time to reinforce your pets positively.

Handle Your Pet Frequently And Early

It’s a good idea to get your pet used to being handled while he’s still young. Touch your pet daily, especially his paws. You’ll be able to assist him in relaxing even more during his grooming sessions by doing so. In addition, you will also notice if your dog is uncomfortable when being handled in certain areas.

Invest In a Unique “Grooming” Toy.

It’s a good idea to have a specific toy that your pet can only play with when you’re grooming them. Then, you will provide something to do while taking care of your responsibilities. For example, a chew toy is ideal for dogs because it is usually stationary and keeps them occupied.

Always Distribute Treats

Give your pet a treat every time they go through a step of grooming, such as going into the tub, getting a nail cut, or being brushed for a few minutes. Give out gifts that aren’t “every day” and only during your special pet grooming sessions. At Queen West Pet Grooming, we always ensure having treats at all times!

If you follow these suggestions, you’ll find that the process goes much more smoothly and that your pet has a much better time. What’s better? When the brush comes out, there will be no more evil eye! Please make an appointment with us for a full-service grooming experience.