Hair Cuts

Every pet receives individual attention. Our groomers are all seasoned professionals who employ the most advanced techniques to guarantee that your pet is relaxed and looks great. 

Nail Trimming

Cutting your pet's nails is a loving and caring act, as well as an important element of their health and cleanliness.

Wash + Bath

To give your pet a relaxing, deep coat cleansing, we blend top-of-the-line solutions with hydro powered instruments. Our warm, massaging baths are both soothing and cleansing. 

Ears/Eyes Cleaning

If your pet needs to have their eyes or ears cleaned, you have come to the right place. Our groomers take time to ensure each pet is comfortable.

Trim Area

Is your pet struggling or getting annoyed with extra fur? Have our groomer trim a specific area on your pet.

Anal Glands

Anal gland problems affect millions of pets and are a very common and frustrating problem. Anal gland issues arise when the glands of dogs and cats become over-filled, blocked, or irritated.

If you fail to provide an appropriate cancellation notice, Queen West Pet Grooming maintains the right to charge a penalty fee.